Where is this one designed/made?


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Where is this one designed/made?

I have a somewhat unpopular method of choosing cars to purchase. My selection is limited to cars that are designed and built in the USA. My pickings have become very slim in the last decade or two. Is there a web site that lists where the car was designed, built and the percentage of components/parts and their origin?
I'm interested in the Pontiac Vibe, but I think it was designed with Toyota and built in CA. Are the majority of parts from the USA? Was it designed in the USA or overseas?
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I recall you from one of the forums...the electrical one? I believe you and WG helped me a few times, my turn to return the favor.

I'm happy to read that someone cares about this as much as I do....I too look at where things are made when I buy something.

1) If the first digit of the VIN # is a "1", this is a US made vehicle. Toyota uses 4 to denote North American production. J is Japan, S is England, etc.

Chevrolet for instance may make the same vehicle in Mexico (vin 3) or Janesville, WI (vin 1 as noted above). Make sure the unit you are looking at is a 1.

2) The Pontiac Vibe is a joint venture between Toyota and GM. Much the same way as the Chevy Nova/Toyota Corolla/Geo Prizm before it. It is called "NUMMI" or New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. It is based in GM's old GTO and A body plant in Fremont, CA which closed in ' 82.

At that time, that plant was the worst in the GM system---40% absentee rate, poorest quality, beer bottles littering the parking lot, really bad. GM closed it and reopened it with Toyota as NUMMI in 1984.

3) The UAW website lists what vehicles they assemble here. For instance, the C,K Series trucks are usually made in Janesville, WI, but the Caddy Escalade EXT and Chevy Avalanche variants are made in Mexico. The UAW is quick to point this out. LOL.

My vote: A good old, USA made GMC Sierra made in good old Janesville, WI. Been made there for years, a real truck town and Chevy through and through!

Most vehicles today have a content sticker as to what comes from where and what percentages.
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yes, as stated, most new car stickers show content percentages, as well as price.

joe, you forgot one variant on line 3) the 'H2' --most people don't know or don't care to know they have a reskinned chevy pick-up truck underneath---not a true hummer anymore
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True. The minute it becomes a civilian vehicle though, it "ain't" the same Hummer that the military uses.

I believe that was just marketed as a statement to say, "Ok Ford, you think your Excursion is big? Here's one up on you!!!"

What's next, a Sherman tank SUV?

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