9/11, Lest We Forget


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9/11, Lest We Forget

I shared this in the moderator's forum, but I thought maybe ya'all would like to see this, since not everyone can get into the moderator's forum.

Yes, I wrote it. I hope you like it.
"9/11, Never Forget---All Gave Some, Some Gave All"

A cool September day approaches and memories return,
Of that infamous day when the Towers started to burn.

Throughout the smoke, fire and evil that we saw, we never gave up hope.
Didn't let down our resolve or think we were at the end of our rope.

We shed a tear for those that have gone and were the victims of senseless aggression,
Knowing full well that strength and unity would always be in our possession.

Throughout the tears, the sorrow and the many lives lost, we have stood tall.
In the face of aggression, hate, scorn, contempt, we have been through it all.

Our lives have been shaken, but our resolve remains strong and bright,
No matter what the challenge, for freedom we will never stop the fight.

Stars and stripes, the flag, America the beautiful, and this great land that we have here,
Freedom, liberty, pursuit of happiness---things I'll always hold dear.

Courage, resolve, unity, strength, never to falter or waver from sight,
America: Love it or Leave It, a country of tolerance and might.

From sea to shining sea, from coast to coast,
America the Beautiful---what a land of which to boast!

No matter what the challenge we will stand up and prevail.
America the Beautiful---a country that will never fail.

Come this fall we mourn once again for those we have lost have passed from us,
Knowing that our liberty and justice are powers in which we trust.

You can walk, you can run, you can hide, you can taunt, do as you please....
This great nation will bring your evil to its knees.

I often think about that sad day and the hurt it brings,
But out of such terrible events always comes good things.

A country more unified, more alert, more united than all.
A country you can be proud of, one that stands tall.

9/11, we won't forget.
Saddam, we'll get your ass, that you can bet.

War isn't won with guns and force alone,
War is won by turning your heart to stone.

But I digress, I've gotten off the track of what this all about.
The best battles are fought without screaming, shooting and nary a shout.

Liberty, justice, democracy, these ideals will stand the test of time,
In no other country are these inalienable gifts such a find.

If you love your freedom, thank a veteran today,
Tell them you love them in a special way.

9/11, never forget, never minimize, never shrug it off your mind,
Always look for that healing, that welcome that goodness sign.

9/11, you are more than buildings, smoke, dust, rubble and death,
9/11---in the wake of tragedy you have brought out our very best.

We will persevere, we will survive, we will stand tall and prevail.
9/11----no terrorist will ever cause us to fail.

USA: Unity, Strength, Alliance, this is what it means to all of us who live here.
Those three letters, I will always hold dear.

9/11, we have gotten up even though we have taken a fall...
9/11, all gave some, some gave all.....
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Very Nice.

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VERY well said

Very well said.I will never forget that sad day of 9-11 as long as I live.Please people support our troops also.
God bless America
Thanks Joe
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Last night I came across this post & no time to reply. Now I see 1 of the 2 posts that were here is missing!

I think what is needed to remember here, is that, this was NOT an attack on NY, but an attack on AMERICA!
A FACT comment was made (something to this effect) that people in South Jersey aren't aware or CARE about what happened! Kinda like, If your not a NY'er or from North NJ you have no idea or care for innocent lives lost! I think you'd have to be an absolute idiot NOT to CARE or be aware of that horrific day! If NO ONE outside of NY & North Jersey cared, How was sooo much money raised after the tragic EVENTS that happened in OUR country? People from all over the Country & the World helped in some way. The entire country & the WORLD was horrified by the tragic EVENTS in AMERICA! People from outside NY & NJ were voluntees or they had even helped financially!
It seems to me, that the OTHER EVENTS of that horrible day of September 11, 2001 have been ignored or forgotten by some people! What about the people from all over the country on those flights? The people at the Pentagon?
YES, I am aware that more died in NY. BUT! Do we need to forget that there were many others from all over the country who lost lives and left loved ones behind? What about the service Men & Woman who are fighting for YOU & ME right now? What about the troops who died for YOU & ME as a result of September 11, 2001 ATTACK ON AMERICA?!?
Sometimes I feel that the NY & surrounding area are the ones who have forgotten. Or they just saw/see it as a hit to NY and not our country! It is like this is just a great conversation piece or something, just because they live there or back yard as one poster here put it.
Also noted in a prior post, was that someone in California made a comment about being sick of hearing about it. Maybe that person is sick of, the lack of acknowledgment of the other events and lost lives of Sept. 11th!

What bothers me & I am sure many others is this, you guys mention the loss of the towers as if it were GOD! The towers were buildings that CAN be replaced! Lives CAN'T!

Like I said, it is a conversation piece to some.

The events of September 11th are still ongoing with troops fighting and DIEING for YOU/OUR COUNTRY!

I for one of MANY!, will never forget ALL EVENTS & following events of Sept. 11th. And more importantly the loss of LIVES within an OUT of NYC!

(reality check)
Buildings are just material and can all be replaced.
Count your blessings & REMEMBER ALL!
Remember, this is ongoing!

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Some valid points...

Without causing a political debate here, of course all attacks that day are of concern and the mourning for those lost are equal.

Being from NYC myself, I saw first hand what had happened and from a vantage point at work and across the river in Brooklyn it was apparent that this was no small issue.

We fight the war on terrorism every day, each in our own small way.

The main thing is to never forget this and have the courage to move on and show the world we are strong and have the resolve, strength and determination to stay united.

After all USA stands for Unity, Strength, Assurance.............

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