1988 Corsica


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Thumbs down 1988 Corsica

This car has starting problems. Sometimes it will start, then when you step on the gas it dies. Sometimes it just won't start. We replaced the fuel pump and the fuel filter, put in new spark plugs and checked the wires. When we jump the battery it will start most of the time, but the battery checked out okay. Right after we got the car, the computer module had to be replaced. That was about 2 months ago. A neighbor took the module out of his Corsica and put it in ours, but our car still did the same thing. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks again!
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I am not too familiar with Corsicas, but I'll take some wild guesses....

Have you checked the air filter? If it is dirty or clogged air will not flow to the motor and that could cause it not to start.

If you have a throttle body, have that checked and make sure the throttle plate isn't gunked up and stuck shut.

Have you checked your alternator?

Also check any and all connections to the battery. If you have a leaky battery, it is possible that acid could be corroding your connections and the wiring. Once corrosion gets into the wire, it eats away the copper strands kind of like cancer. I had a starter wire go bad in my car. Outside it looked fine, but when you cut the vinyl jacket and exposed the copper underneath, you could see where corrosion had ruined it.

Check all fuses.

Check the starter itself. Sometimes the starter can go with no warning. My fiance has a Buick (GM) and his car started perfectly up until the starter died. there was no rough starts, it just died like that.

Just a few other things to check out before spending money at a shop
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Start with my "The Basics" below. Tell us what you find.

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