Transmission/engine performance


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Transmission/engine performance

We have a 97 Taurus. While taking it on a trip, the service engine soon light started coming on. When a mechanic checked it he said the transmission fluid was black and could cause that. We just purchased the car and were told that all fluids were changed. Could dirty transmission fluid have an effect on the engine?
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Sounds like you need to go back to the dealer and they have some explaining to do. Have the mechanic that found the problem write it up for you and show that to your dealer.

I would surmise that burned transmission fluid on an OBDII car can cause part failure which may turn the light on.

Those era Taurus transmissions are riddled with problems, recalls, technical service bulletins and are just the rock bottom pits.
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Yes you will have a code it will be transmission component slipping and the fluid is black from burnt clutch material being in it.I hope you have some sort of warranty.Sounds like rebuild time to me.By the way the service engine soon lamp comes on for engine or trans codes.
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Black Transmission fluid

The 97 Taurus is an automatic with 145,000 highway miles. Would the fluid be black because of the transmission component slipping and the burnt clutch material being in it even in an automatic? We purchased the car from our employer and it was supposed to have had the fluids changed. Maybe they were and the faulty transmission caused the black fluid? We are dealing with a powerful executive who is defending his fleet manager when we are just trying to find out what happened to make the service engine soon light come on and the transmission fluid to be black.

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As Davo noted, sounds like the tranny is wasted.

Black fluid means overheated fluid and clutch pack material burned up and mixing with it--not good.

145k on this is STELLAR for that transmission, most give out at half that mileage. Again, Ford has had boatloads of problems with these.

It may get sticky to accuse your employer of what was done and what was not done. Might just want to let it go and either have it fixed or pitch the car.

If it were me, I would have asked to see all the maintenance records BEFORE I gave them any money. In that fashion if you found something fishy, you could have said, "Thanks Chief, I'll pass".
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Transmission/engine problems

It's sort of a no win situation. The fleet manager put an inspection sticker on it. I mentioned that the brakes seemed to be crunching when I first drove it. He said they were fine. My mechanic had to put on new front pads and new rotors in the back. Of course the executive said my mechanic was dishonest. This is just a tough situation.
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Sure sounds like it.......

Buying company cars can be good IF you have all the maintenance records, you know who drove them AND the company has good maintenance policies.

Some company vehicles have seen hard use by multiple drivers. Sounds like the fluid in your car was never changed .

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