too hot car


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too hot car

i have a 96 concord and it is heating up all the time. A mechanic says that there is air in the moter but doesnt do that kind of work, Has anyone ever heard of such a thing and can i fix it my self? if so how?

I have allready changed the thermostat and flushed the system out to no avail.

also the fans i dont think are working becouse when it heats up they are not on, But the mechanic says that that shouldnt cause the car to get hot all the time
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Sounds like an amateur repairman or he doesn't want to be bothered.

You may have gotten a defective thermostat, it could be a blown head gasket, but you should start with investigating the fan problem. If the fans never come on, this is a problem.

Bring power to the fans from the battery to see if they spin. If they do, the fan motors are likely OK and the problem lies in the sensor or the wiring for the fan. If not, you have a bad fan motor, replace it.
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so there is no such thing as air in the motor?
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Air in motor

Yes there can be air in the cooling system I dont know if that is your problem.The cooling fan should turn on when you turn on the A/C if you have one .
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Yes there is. If the air is not purged from the cooling system properly when it is filled the engine can overheat. Some cars such as hondas have a bleed screw at the high point on the engine just for this purpose.

Some vehicles will bleed themselves as you fill them some will not. You may have to remove a hose from the high point in the cooiling system and slowly fill untill coolant comes out at the high point. Most thermostats have a small hole in them for this purpose. Sometimes it is necessary to run the engine untill the thermostat opens which will then purge the air. Always have the heater on full as it can also trap air and cause problems.

Some service manuals have a specific cooling system procedure to follow. Some vehicles are tricky as they do not have a cap at the radiator and use a cap on the coolant reservoir instead.
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ok the fans do come on when i turn on the a/c.

there is a nut that looks kind of like a greese zert on top of the thermostat housing is that the air bleeder nut?

also there is not a cap on the radiator it is on the coolant res.

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that is the bleed screw on the thermostat housing anytime any work is done to the cooling system you need to bleed any air out with the radiater cap off and engine running you open this screw and when it squirts a steady stream of coolant you have gotten all the air out of the system finish topping off and reinstall cap.
then see if your fans work with the a/c off they should come on and off well before the vehicle overheats.
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ok I will give that atry in the mornin and let you know what happens thanks

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