Problem on my 92 Honda Accord


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Problem on my 92 Honda Accord

Problem on my 92 Honda Accord. While driving I note the TACH needle "bumping/ jumping" up intermittently and drops to 0, then the needle quickly jumps/ pops up some times it dies. After starting and restarting the car over and over for maybe a 1/2 dozen times, it eventually will not run at all. It turns over, but will not engage and run.

Symptoms include:

·Poor starting when very often when warm.
·In extreme cases engine could cut out / and will sometimes restart if left for a while. Sometimes it may not start at all.
·An erratic rev counter

NOTES: I've changed the Main Relay, new cap and rotor, plugs and wires.

I think it is the Ignition Igniter Module
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More likely to be a vacuum leak, a dirty throttle body or a bad idle air control valve than anything else.

Have a look.
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If the engine misses or cuts out when the tach acts up it sounds like a short in the ingition system. You may be right about the ignitor.
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If it still will start listen for a tapping/clicking type noise from the distributor,if not see if you can pull codes.If you have a crank angle sensor code or hear the tapping I'd place my money on a rebuilt distributor.
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going to look at this night.

If it is the ignitor, do I have to take apart the whole distributor or I think I read some how there is a short cut for replacing the Ignitor with taking apart the distributor...

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I have the factory manual for a 91 I suspect they may be the same but I don't know for sure. I could copy & fax to you if you want.

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