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Arrow Omega

I have a 1983 Omega that was given to me , but when I drive it ,
it smells like gas in the front seat. can you tell me anything?
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Thank goodness you didn't pay for it, as these are hardly stellar vehicles

Which engine? There was a 2.5 that had fuel injection a 2.8 liter carbureted engine. I also recall a 2.5 liter carbureted version in some of the earlier years.

Hopefully you have the 2.5 liter fuel injected one which is the "best" of the bunch there.

Could be a loose or kinked fuel line, a vapor hose missing/cracked, a bad fuel pump, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Don't put a lot of green into one of these, it's a $500 with change on a good day...
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DONT drive

I would say gas fumes is a no go item fix it ASAP before you catch it on fire.You could have a leak in the fuel line and that is not a good thing.In my book that is a no go item.
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Starting at the carb or gas tank follow the fuel line and you will find your leak.The other thing to check is the vapor cannister under the hood.Remove the hoses from it and look for fuel in it and the hoses.Check the fitting at the carb also it may be loose.
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Check the largest hose to the vapor canister. Remove it at the canister and start the car. You should have good vacuum at the end of the hose. If not check for a colapsed or kinked hose. Sometimes the port at the engine end of the hose can be clogged with carbon.

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