97 Breeze brake drum removal


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97 Breeze brake drum removal

I am attempting to change the rear brake drums and brake shoes of my 97 Plymouth Breeze, 2.4 DOHC, non ABS.

Following instructions from the Chilton's Service Manual 2000. I removed the rear wheel assembly and with a prytool proceeded to back off the brake shoes from the drum by rotating the quadrant (self adjuster) towards the front of the car. It didn't turn too much but I got to the flat spot with the last tooth in the middle of the access slot. With the parking brake off, the drum rotates freely but won't come off even after tapping the edges of the drum with a hammer.

Did I rotate te adjuster enough? What is the approximate position of the quadrant as seen from the access slot?....what else can I do?

Any ideas will be immensely appreciated. Thanks.
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Get yourself a good rust penetrant and apply to the center area of the drum and let it soak a little,then tap with a hammer it will come off.I prefer PB Blaster myself it never lets me down.
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Agree with Davo. Sounds like rust is holding the drum on.
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If the drum is stuck to the hub then rust is likely the problem. Penerant at the center and a few taps with a hammer hitting parallel to the axel alternating on opposite sides of the durm will usually do it.

Look closely at the drum and the hub at the center if the drum is moving at the hub then the shoes have worn into the surface of the drum and you do not have the shoes backed far enough away from the inside if the drum.
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Thanks guys! like you recommended, a little bit of penetrating oil and a few well placed blows with a hammer did the trick.

Thanks again and more power to the forum.
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Good for you .

Make sure you are safe back there and change any questionable parts. DO NOT gamble with brakes.

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