94 Accord auto trans filter?


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94 Accord auto trans filter?

1994 Honda Accord. 4 CYL engine code is 3. Automatic Trans.
One parts shop is tling me this vehicle does not have a trans filter and another shop wants to sell me an external in-line filter that looks like a fuel filter - WIX #58953. I have been over, under and around but I cannot locate this filter on my car.
Thanks for your help.
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Your car doesn't have a trans filter,not inline and not in the trans.I haven't seen many problems with Honda trannys.Do a drain and fill and you'll be fine.When refilling and checking the level remember that you check your trans with the engine off.Imention this because most cars need to be running to check trans fluid level.
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Because it doesn't have one. As noted, just change the fluid and good to go.

When the tranny grenades on one of those, throw it out and get another one. Will take a long time .
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Honda uses a screen inside the transmission but uou have to take the transmission apart to clean it.

As the other guys said these transmissions seem to go a long time eventhough they do not have a replaceable filter. Just drain & refill. A little more often than called for will not hurt.

Check your owners manual they specify Honda transmission fluid only. I have not found anyone that makes a compatable equivalent fluid. Honda (& Acura) say you can use Dexron III in an emergency but to flush & re fill with Honda fluid as soon as you can.

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