Disposing of used motor oil


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Question Disposing of used motor oil

I know I'm suppossed to dispose of used motor oil, but where can I take it,a nd how should it be contained to dipose of it?

I have a drain pan that can be used to take the oil in, but should I be pouring into something else that wherever I take it too would be expecting to see it contained in?


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mike from nj
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an old milk jug(1 gallon) old detergent bottles, or even use the old oil containers, the drain pan will likely spill on the way there.

in new jersey, any garage anywhere is supposed to take it free, up to a certain large limit, my township's recycling yard has a huge tank i pour it into--no limits that i know of. every 5 months or so, the county has a hazardous waste drop-off day, they'll take almost anything, except maybe radioactive stuff.

do the right thing like you intend to do, recycle.

ps. our shop actually has a waste oil burner, it will cook the shop in the winter if the doors are closed too long, maybe find a shop like that and they'll be happy to see you.

good luck
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Thanks, Mike. The drain pan that I use is one of those plastic ones that double as a jug, so this makes it simple for me to take it somewhere if I can pour it out. I had heard a while back that AutoZone's are suppossd to take them ,but I've asked at two of them here locally, and they do not, but I asked them about garages that might tkae them, and they said they'ed never heard of that.

Thanks for the input.

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mike from nj
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check your county and state laws, with that information, you might be able to go back to them (autozone)and tell them you're giving it to them, because it's the law!

someone somewhere has to take it for free, or face many 'do it yourselfers' dumping it down the drain, common sense says someone will take it

maybe check your phone book front section, might yield some info. or search the net for info
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Check with whatever entity handles your solid waste disposal (garbage/trash); since will KNOW they don't want it in their collections, they will likely be able to tell you EXACTLY where to take it.

I thought there was a law something to the effect that any place that sells a significant amount of p.o.l.'s has to take the used stuff (excluded would be the local 7-11 that sells a couple quarts a day). Will have to research that. Pretty sure AutoZone takes it around here.
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Both posters are correct.

Usually those that sell or change motor oil (parts stores or garages) take it free of charge, but state laws vary.

Here in NYC:

1) Auto parts stores take it.
2) The NYC Sanitation takes it at the recycling center.
3) Garages that change oil take it.

Five gallons a day per person is the limit. I usually bring them in detergent bottles or heavy duty jugs. Works great and I feel like I'm doing the right thing and my part for recycling.

NEVER pour it down a drain, into a stream or sewer. It's illegal and bad for the enviornment.

Look on the back of the oil can, there is usually a recycling # there too and they can tell you where to dispose of it properly.

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