Harmonic balancer removal


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Angry Harmonic balancer removal

I'm currently trying to remove the harmonic balancer from my
1988 Ford Aerostar. The bolts from the pully mounted to it have broken off and I cant use the puller thats recomended. I've also
tried using a chrysler puller but it is too small to go around the puller. Can you suggest somthing else to try?
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If you are replacing the balancer then get a 3 jaw puller and pull it off that way. You may pull the balancer into 2 pieces in the process, but this is irrelevant if you are going to replace. Be sure you take the center bolt out before trying this as it may just slip off. Some will, some wont. Barring that get a Large screwdriver or pry bar and a hammer, place the screwdriver behind the balancer and pull gently towards you using the engine block as leverage and tap the balancer with the hammer. This has been helpful to me on several occasions. Be sure you arent prying against any plastic parts as you will be replacing something else in the process.
Hope this helps ya,
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I agree with Billy.

Man if you have access to air tools, I think your life will be easier on the center bolt.

If you don't, there is a way to use the engine to get it loose, but it can be dangerous! .
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I think I'd first try to get the broken bolts out (left hand drill bit and e-z outs). If you can't see if you can rent a large bearing separator and matching gear puller. Like Joe says, air tools would be a wonderful help.
Prying in the wrong place could bugger your crank.
Just my .02

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