Ford Ranger seat/door alarm ding ding


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Ford Ranger seat/door alarm ding ding

The seat belt bell alarm stays on if the temperature is about 75F or higher. I pull the fuse, but then no spedometer or wipers. Sprayed door latch with WD 40. No effect.

Took off dash covers under steering wheel to try to get at the bell but can't locate it, can't get my head in there! Going crazy!

Any ideas how to either disconnect the bell or fix the switching problem? If you talk about modules, etc, please describe and locate.

Thanks for any help (this has been going on for years).
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It's telling you that you won something (a heap of

Sounds like a bad door jamb switch. Some are integrated into the latch on certain years.

Hit the dealer's parts counter and ask and you'll know what you are up against.
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OK, I solved it (to my satisfaction). Took off door cover (2 screws + handle screw). Saw wire cable to latch. Latch inaccessible. Opened cable: 4 wires. Chose the yellow wire. Clipped it. Problem solved. The seat belt still activates alarm, but then goes off as it should. Open door alarm no longer works, but that's fine, since now I can leave the fuse in and have my speedometer and wiper/washer back again.

I used to go dinging in the rain, but no longer.

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