spit and sputter


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spit and sputter

I have a 1990 Chevy Lumina APV minivan with a v6. At idle the engine sounds really rough and at acceleration there is hesitation. It runs rough till up to speed then runs fine.
The check engine soon light comes and goes. Changed plugs and also changed the air temp control module on carb. cover.
Any ideas before I take it to the shop. Thanks for the help.
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How are the plug wires?
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sorry about that--changed plug wires too
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Have you put a scan tool on it to see if there are any stored codes? This would be the first place to start.
Hope this helps ya,
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Sounds like MAP Sensor vacuum leaking but could be a number of things. Go to AutoZone and they'll read your codes for free. You may want to post reading before you start buying parts. A lot of these sensors affect each other's performance and coding. 1990 ECM trouble codes are not nearly as detailed as the newer autos.
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All posters are correct.

Start with my "The Basics" below,and using autolibrary to guide you (If you don't have a shop manual and you should....) to test parts before throwing more parts at the problem (which won't do anything but drain your wallet and leave you with a still broken vehicle).

Pull your codes first as Billy said and we'll go from there.
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problem solved

Took the van to the shop--problem was the EGR sensor. Thanks for the advice everyone. Van runs like a dream again.
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Glad it's fixed.

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