radiator fluid leaks


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Angry radiator fluid leaks

I have a 1986 MAzda 626 that is over heating. IT was first leaking from the radiator. There was a busted weld on the bottom radiator hose. I got the weld fixed as well as the radiator rod and cored. I installed the radiator and it is still leaking, only it's not from the radiator, it is from the water pump area. This is where it gets a little confusing. I checked to see if my water pump was leaking but it doesn't seam to be. it seams to be below my water pump, right above my passenger-side axle. What is between my axle and my water pump that could be leaking. OH, if it helps it is just a drip, drip, drip action, not a stream but enough leakage so that i filled the radiator and in an hour and a half it was empty. I also checked the section of the lower radiator hose that enters into the engine housing and that wasn't leaking.

please help, i'm at my wits end and i need my car to run smoothly. i live ina very cold climate and ina week or two it is going to start to have freezing temperatures. Please.

thank you for helping,
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Do you know where your heater hoses run? Perhaps one is the culprit. Hoses can crack or split and be small enough that you cant see it but it's leaking. How many mile are on the car? It just may time for a new water pump. I dunno about cars as old as yours, but alot of newer 4 cyl motors are set up so the timing belt runs off the water pump...and if the water pump goes you're looking at some serious damage....I went thru this 3 years ago, and it cost me a new motor.
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drive the car up on ramps or anyway you can safely get in in the air, and then look for the leak with a good flashlight, coolant usually drips down, so, if it's under the water pump, it still could be bad.

a 'pressure tester' for the cooling system helps a lot in this situation, better than people giving opinions over the internet.

don't drive it with an empty radiator or you won't make it very far.
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If you stop by any Mazda dealer, they can print out the cooling system's exploded parts view from the parts book. Then you'll know what you are looking at.

Also, check autolibrary.org for some pictures, R&R ideas, in addition to the advice given here.

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