an email just in case


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Donald Carroll
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an email just in case

I have a 1989 plymouth just purchased , i just added a lb of freon to it. I dont have a gage to check how much it needs but it did get a little cooler, the compressor is a little loud , could i add an oil charge to it , and what happens it i put to much freon in it
Thank you
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Donald Carroll:

Being low on refrigerant is only one cause for an a/c to not cool properly.
It is possible that your system was not low at all but rather had a different problem that caused it to not to perform.
Now the system COULD be overcharged............ or maybe not!

The only way to know is with guages, and experience to know what's going on within the system

I would suggest you leave it as it is, take it to a good a/c repair shop and tell them what you have done so far.

BTW: It is now unlawful to work with refrigerants when not qualified and certified.
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Original poster:

STOP! You are lacking the proper tools and service information to do the job correctly. You MUST have a set of gauges along with various other tools to service an A/C correctly.

You have likely overcharged the system or there are other problems. You cannot just add refrigerant to the system. I assume you are adding R12, which is illegal for the home DIY person to handle and charge without a license.

This is not DIY repair without the proper information and tools. As Greg suggested, this is a job for a competent A/C shop.
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Not to mention the can of worms you have opened if you added R134a to an R12 system without it having been retrofitted. Someone will have to flush out your system and this will cost you more than the original needed repair.
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mike from nj
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a noisy compressor is either one that's about to seize up, or one that is trying to pump too much freon through the system, a proper set of gauges would determine the difference.

is the belt flopping all around, yet it's very tight when the engine is off----i wouldn't be standing to close to this thing when it's running!

would a doctor diagnose your heart without checking your blood pressure first---that's another form of a gauge and almost as important.
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Donald Carroll
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I thought auto zone just sold parts. What other services do the provide. Do they have technicians in their locations? Ice cold air is cheap, but I only have one car., and they keep it overnight. Thanks Don
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Donald Carroll
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The oil charge that goes into your airconditioner, what is its function ? Does it lubricate and moving parts or is it just an o ring conditioner? Thanks again PS i checked and made sure it had 134 in it before I added anything .
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Good service is not cheap-----and good service is worth the bucks.

Suggest you haul this one into a good A/C shop and have them go over it soup to nuts.

If the system is low on refrigerant oil, the compressor can lock up in no time and ruin the system.

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