Wire Types..Primary(DC auto) vs. AC wire


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Wire Types..Primary(DC auto) vs. AC wire

I had to rewire something on my boat and needed a short piece of 10 gauge wire. Not having any 'Primary' wire at home, I went down to the auto parts store and bought a roll. My question what is the difference between Primary (DC) wire and AC wire? I had plenty of #10 THHN, but did not want to take a chance since I don't know the difference.


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Direct current versus alternating current. Never substitute improper wire type or gauge, it could be a disaster waiting to happen.

Be careful when wiring a boat to make sure all of your wiring and installations meet US Coast Guard regs. Boats are a different ball game than cars.

HEAVY DUTY fines for Coast Guard violations!
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wire is wire, ac or dc, it only knows amps going through it, 10 gauge is good for up to 30 amps safely, i think, the electrician forum would know that one.

you would definitely want a flexible wire, not a solid core romex-type wire, i think thhn/thwn is what you want in terms of that. the only other thing is the rating of the insulation, i don't know about thhn, but the wire i use is rated for direct contact with oil/gas.

i'm sure you know about terminals and corrosion on a boat by now, and how to prevent it
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The electrical guys answered there too. Interesting .

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