93 Saturn SW runny funny


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93 Saturn SW runny funny

My 1993 Saturn SW, 4 cycl, with 148,000 is starting to run funny --stall in slow traffic when I again take off. It seems to idle good from 1000 rpms to about 4200.

I changed the air filter.
Checked the oil, its up -- but at 6,000 miles is time for a change.

Could this be a vacuum problem, timing, or just old age kicking in?
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oh and another thing on funny runny

I forgot to add, that when parked, after running at 4200 rmps, it sort of cuts out when I give it more gas

Run good
run bad
run good
run bad
repeat until I let up on the gas
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first off you are probably hitting the rev limiter when you run the engine that fast in park the computer shuts down the injectors at a certain rpm then turns them back on at a certain rpm it may sound like it is cutting out but its just the computer trying to keep you from damaging the engine.
so if the only actual problem you are having is stalling might suggest you have codes read to see if there is any. for starters.
a little better description of the problem might help also like does it stall when you let off the gas? does it do this when the engine is warm or cold or both?
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Why do you need to spool a Saturn up to 4200 RPM? I can't think of a single reason you'd have to be that high . My Saturn never hits up above 3.5K at highway speed.

I agree with Bejay.

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