transmission problems

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transmission problems

I have a 1993 F-150 Ford truck with a 302 engine and an auto. transmission. Just recently, whenever I get to about 45 mph and have shifted through all the gears, it begans to make a chirping sound. Then if I get to about 60-65 and give it some gas, just before hitting passing gear, it begins to have a vibrating rumble. If I let off the gas it quits. I brought it to the Ford dealership and they ran a diognostic test on it and said the engine was fine but they think it is my transmission. He said Monday when I bring it in they were going to drop the pan and see and see if there was any shavings at the bottom. If not, they would probably do a trans. flush thru it. He said it didn't sound serious to him. The trans. guy wasn't there that day is the reason they weren't for sure. Does this sound right to you?
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This sounds to much like a failing U joint. I havn't been able to drive your truck and it could be ANYTHING but to jump to diagnostics for a vibration or rumble at certain speeds is not where I would go first. Its fairly easy to pin this type of problem to the engine or trans/driveline. Try shifting to nuetral just as the chirping starts to see if it quits. If you can make it quit with this I seriously doubt its engine related. Verify that the U joint is solid....Mike

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Correct. Also wiggle the driveshaft to see if there's play in the joint. If so, it's wiped, needs to be changed.

U-joints are common failure items on trucks.
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Could also be an engine or most likely your rear transmission mount. If the trans hasn't been serviced in a while changing the fluid and filter can't hurt.
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A sign of a bad u-joilt is rust colored dust coming from the seal at any of the 4 bearing caps. The joint can be bad even if you do not see this though.

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