1991 Dakota electrical problems.


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1991 Dakota electrical problems.

Vehicle is 1991 Dodge Dakota Sport, 258,000 miles, 318 engine, auto trans, 4 wheel drive. Problem is as follows: Girlfriend is putting new stereo in truck tonight. Cuts plug off of old radio, connects wires from truck to new stereo until all speakers work. Now, she gets into truck to take ride and finds she has no tail lights, nor dash lights. I checked what I believe to be a relay for the dash and tail lights ( a round silver cannister on the fuse panel, not the blinker) it is very warm. Checked all of the fuses in the fuse panel as well as the ones under the hood. All fuses are good. All I can think of now is that there must be a fusible link somewhere that I can't find. Any sugestions? Anyone know if there is a fusible link and if so, where it is. Any help , as always, is greatly appreciated.
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mike from nj
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unhook what you just hooked up and double check all the fuses with a test-light, i'll bet you missed one

that silver canister is nothing to worry about--i think it's the key in ignition timer delay relay, it's supposed to be hot, remove it if you want to.
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Yup, sounds like you missed something in the radio install. Do it carefully.

Many a hokey radio install has caused electrical gremlins like that.

There are wiring kits available so you don't have to hack any wires. That's the way I would have gone.
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Originally posted by Joe_F
There are wiring kits available so you don't have to hack any wires. That's the way I would have gone.
Where's the fun in that?

Here's a fun-filled botched stereo installation story: I have a 1979 Dodge Club Cab that I bought last year just to haul stuff to the dump, etc. It had a fairly nice stereo in it, but I noticed that there was a boom box on the seat. I asked the guy if the stereo worked, and he said it had at one time, but hadn't since having the heater switch repaired (actually bypassed and replaced with a non-compatible on-off switch that smoked the fuse every time you turned it on; their solution to that problem was to wrap the fuse in tinfoil ) by a local garage that ranks somewhere below the worst shade-tree mechanic in the world on the competancy scale.

Tore into the dash after I got it home and found the stereo's ground wire attached to the wire that supplies power to the radio dial when the lights are turned on.
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I have seen plenty of hokey installs like that. When I see an aftermarket stereo, I cringe. No telling what type of job was done.

On my year Trans Ams (1979, 1980), it's a real bonus to see one where the radio mounting has not been cut out .

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