Isuzu Rodeo - Transmission Troubles


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Isuzu Rodeo - Transmission Troubles

1993 Isuzu Rodeo
Engine: 3.2L V6 Code RLU
Automatic Trans: Code RMQ
4 Door

Intermittent "slipping" transmission
About once a week, at no particular time, the "check trans light" comes on and the car begins to crawl forward. That is, I can give it more and more gas and it slowly tries to get up to speed. From a dead stop, it would take be about 1/4 mile to get up to 40mph.

If I turn off the truck and turn it back on, the transmission behaves fine. Sometimes shifting in all ranges and then back to drive gets the drive back.

It has been to two shops including Isuzu and they said their computers can not pull a "code". My transmission fluid has been flushed by the dealer. They said it was "burnt". That's all the work that has been done.

What do you think?
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Sounds like it's time for another Isuzu dealer.......

They should be able to extract codes if the light is on.

Also here is the first place I would look.
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mike from nj
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check the alternator gauge the next time it acts up. the trans goes into 'emergency mode' when it senses too high a voltage, and sometimes it doesn't leave a fault code--these things have been known to fail at 'full charging' sometimes, meaning 17-18+ volts. the trans computer senses this and shuts down.

'emergency mode' means basically the computer shuts down and defaults back to full manual mode, meaning YOU have to shift it. OD=4th gear, 3=4thgear, 2=3rd gear, 1=1st gear, R=R.

by you leaving it in OD, the trans was in fourth gear, which greatly overheats the fluid, not to the point of immediate failure, but to a shorter life. all you would have had to do was manually shift your automatic, but you already knew that because you read the owner's manual, right?

if a dealer said there was no 'trans' codes, i would tend to believe them, the above is one situation where there would be no code

let us know what you find.

ps. you might have the dealer run your vin number and see if you have any outstanding recalls, there was one for the alternator for overcharging, the recall had us replace the voltage regulator inside the alternator, a lot easier (and cheaper) than you might think
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We still cannot determine a problem. Turning off the vehicle and then turning it back on resets the computer. The dealer does not really have any recalls that look like they would contribute here. One suggestion was to replace each electrical component one at a time - yeah right!

If I find something, I'll let you know. Until then...
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Have you tried another Isuzu dealer with a clue?

Have they called Isuzu's technical line to get you some help?

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