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car repair

I have 1990 Olds cutless cierra. I started one day and it wasnt running to hot. It idles irratically, It uses excessive gas, Sometimes it quites when stopped at a stop light, Sometimes its very hard to start, It has no way nere the power it had before it started acting up. My catalytic converter was stopped up but my uncle and i gutted it . It was a little louder, but it ran bueatifully untill now. does any body have any suggestions.
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Most likely a cylinder misfire ruined your catalytic converter. You may have fixed the symptom and not the problem. Check and verify you have spark at each cylinder, have you had a tune up recently? If you have spark at each cyl, and can verify injector pulse, I'd suggest a compression test next. But start with the basics.
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Don't know how effective a code read is on a '90 vintage, but might try that for any clues.

Has the oxygen sensor ever been changed? Whenever my wrecker (350 Chevy engine) starts to act like you describe, a new O2 sensor has fixed it most times.
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Sounds like the vehicle is rough and hasn't seen maintenance in a long time.


Complete tune up. Throw all the parts out, including the filters and replace with new ones.

Do a code check as TowGuy stated. Tell us what you find.

Replace the catalytic converter with a new one once the actual problem is found and repaired. It is a federal violation to tamper with an emission control device and can net you big problems later on.
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Look for the code like these guys said. Also, do a visual inspection all over the engine compartment. Check all of your electrical connectors, look for disconnected, cracked or missing vacuum hoses (diagram of what's supposed to be there is under the hood)loose plug wires etc...
Many of the sensors for your car can cause the problems you describe.

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