Power Steering Leak - Dodge Dakota


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Power Steering Leak - Dodge Dakota

I have a leak in the rack & pinion area of the power steering on my Dodge Dakota. The fluid is leaking from the rubber boot on the driver's side. I assume it is a bad seal. Can this seal be replaced by removing the rack & pinion assembly or it is better to replace the entire assembly with a rebuilt one?
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If the rack is wasted, replace it with a rebuilt one. Don't recommend messing around with the original rack.
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mike from nj
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a rack might be the one part of a car i've never attemtped to repair, the reason being, mine never went bad and i always replace customer's with complete units.

once the fluid makes it to that 'bellows' at the end, it's already past the internal seal, so it's actually leaking from 2 seals now for you. if it was my car, i'd take things apart slowly until i could determine exactly what failed, making sure i could put back together whatever i took apart, sometimes it just might be a failed seal at the end---or it could be the actual shaft is worn out, not the seal---only you will know.

2wd racks are a breeze to replace, 4wd is a little more involved. either way, remember to start with the front wheels pointed straight ahead, then lock the steering wheel 'straight', then when the new rack is in, you will have no problems with the airbag wiring"clockspring" the steering wheel can't be turned more than 2-3 turns either way or this wiring will be broken(if no airbag---don't worry about it)you didn't mention a year, that's why i cautioned that. also unhook the battery, this will prevent any concerns you might have if you do have an airbag.

ask away if you have any more questions

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