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92 Mercury Couger Booster

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09-20-03, 07:06 AM   #1  
92 Mercury Couger Booster

What is the easiest way to remove the brake booster, I'm sure it is by depressing the piston on the booster but how? brain

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09-20-03, 07:18 AM   #2  
Usually it's bolted from underneath to the firewall.

Hit autolibrary for the R&R instructions or pick up a good shop manual to guide you.

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09-20-03, 04:39 PM   #3  
Brain..... Here are some instructions. You didnt tell us what engine your car has so these instructions are for the 5.0L. I believe the instructions are the same for the 3.8L.
Hope this helps,

To Remove
1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Detach the manifold vacuum hose from the booster check valve.
3. Disconnect and plug the brake tubes from the master cylinder.
4. Remove the master cylinder, as outlined in this section.
5. For 1993-96 vehicles, remove the windshield wiper motor.
6. Working inside the car below the instrument panel, remove the stoplight switch connector from the switch. Remove the hairpin retainer and outer nylon washer from the pedal pin. Slide the stop lamp switch off the brake pedal just far enough for the outer arm to clear the pin.
7. If equipped, remove the speed amplifier.
8. Remove the booster-to-dash panel attaching bolts/nuts. Slide the booster pushrod, bushing and the inner nylon washer off the brake pedal pin.
9. Inside the engine compartment, move the booster forward until the booster studs clear the dash panel. Rotate the front of the booster inward (toward the engine), then remove the booster by raising it up until it is clear.

To Install
10. Mount the booster and bracket assembly to the dash panel by sliding the valve operating rod in through the hole in the dash panel.
11. Install the booster-to-dash panel retaining nuts/bolts and tighten to 16-21 ft. lbs. (21-29 Nm).
12. Position the stoplight switch so it straddles the pushrod with the slot on the pedal pin and the switch outer frame holes just clearing the pin. Slide the stoplight switch onto the pin and pushrod. Slide the assembly toward the brake pedal arm. Install the brake master cylinder pushrod spacer and the pushrod retainer. Lock the retainer securely. Attach the connector to the switch.
13. If equipped, install the speed control amplifier.
14. For 1993-96 vehicles, install the wiper motor.
15. Connect the manifold vacuum hose to the booster check valve.
16. Install the master cylinder, as outlined in this section. Tighten the retainers to 16-21 ft. lbs. (21-29 Nm).
17. Uncap and attach the brake line fittings into the ports. Tighten to 11-17 ft. lbs. (14-24 Nm).
18. Properly bleed the brake system.
19. Connect the negative battery cable.

It is actually quite easy. There may be some stuff in the way to get it out, but really a simple job.

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