starter needs replaced in 95 Corolla


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Question starter needs replaced in 95 Corolla

Hi, during the past few weeks my 95 Corolla (115000 miles) sometimes wouldn't start and only made a clicking noise when I turned the key. But it usually would start on the second try. Yesterday it wouldn't start at all. We replaced the battery but that wasn't the problem. My husband "hit" the starter with a hammer and then the car started again so it looks like we need a new starter.

How hard/easy is it to put a new starter in? Or should we just take it to the Toyota dealer? Or maybe order the part and take it to a mechanic to have it put in?

Thanks, Sonja
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First of all you didnt tell us what engine is in your car. But since Alldata describes the same instructions for either the 1.6L or the 1.8L I am sure they are similar.

1. On models with Audio coded anti-theft systems obtain 3 digit anti-theft code as outlined under Technician Safety Information (should be a procedure for this in your owners manual)
2. Disconnect the Negative battery terminal
3. Remove Air Cleaner assembly
4. Disconnect electrical connections from the starter motor
5. Remove starter motor attaching bolts, heat shield (if equipped), then the starter motor.
6. Reverse procedure to install, reset audio anti-theft system.

Alldata says that this should take .8 hrs (48 minutes) May take a little longer if you have never done one, most mechanics can have this starter out in maybe 15 minutes.
Good Luck and I hope this helps ya,
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See if below has what you want on the starter R&R.

Read through that and you can then determine if it's something you can and want to tackle or have done for you.
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My 2 cents

If you plan on keeping the Toyota(I would) since it only has 118K miles and they can easy go over 200 thousand get a OEM starter from Toyota.They will cost a little more but then you know it will not be a starter from Mexico where they slap in some brushes throw on a paint job and call it good,
Toyota also has remanafatured ones that you might look in to.
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I agree. The Toyota reman ones are EXCELLENT.

Many times, they upgrade and fix "problem" areas found on the originals by using better parts or parts from a different source.

Factor in the cost effectiveness of the part versus the time to do it twice, and Michael is 100% right.
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Thanks for all the replies!

We're gonna try to replace the starter ourselves, doesn't sound too hard to do. Do I need any special tools for this job?

I was thinking about ordering the following starter:
Or what other good sites are out there to order parts?


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Toyota Reman only way to go, unless you want the same problem in very short period of time.

Also it's not the easiest starter to replace, you will only want to do it once.

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Ok, I'll go with a Toyota reman starter then.

Can anybody tell me where I can find one online???


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Cheaper to just go to any Toyota dealer and order it.

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