Brake & ABS lights


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Brake & ABS lights

I have a 1995 Dodge full size Ram truck 4x2. 5.9 lit. engine built for heavy duty. The problem I am having is the BRAKE and ABS lights come on every time the key is turned on.
And what I have found out is that this truck didn't come with ABS brakes, and there is no fuse under the hood for ABS brakes.Is the
re some who has this same problem? As soon as the engine is turned on the lights come on and stay on until the engine or key is turned off!

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darrell McCoy
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does it go out after you start the engine?
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It's probably that one light is shining onto the next through the "mask" in the cluster.

Sounds like brake failure though in any event. Have it looked at professionally.

I believe this vehicle DOES have rear antilock though.
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mike from nj
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joe---that's a new one, have you actually seen this before? i haven't, especially when both warning lights come on, and they aren't even near each other, or even in the same dash pod.

every truck from every manufacturer sold in america since the late 80's has rear wheel antilock brakes, called RWAL(it's a goverment mandate). if the light is on, you have just 'regular' brakes, meaning under some conditions, the rear tires might lock up, usually when you don't want them to, like a panic stop or in the rain or both.

the bulb has to come on every time the truck is started, it's part of the 'bulb check'

it is the simplest system in the world and a lot of different manufacturers use the same system, you ground one wire, then count the flash 'codes' of the light.

what fails, in order, rear axle sensor, rear sensor connector, rear sensor wiring, hydraulic valve, wiring under the truck. that's basically the whole system too, except for the module itself, they never fail though.

easy test---are the rear brake lights working, that will trip the dash light.

if you're interested in fixing this yourself, i'll look up where the grounding wire is tomorrow in work, unless someone else chimes in before me.

let us know
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I was offering a suggestion that the light might be illuminating through each other. I have seen pieces of the mask missing that will make you think the light is on, when it's not. Been a while since I've seen one of these in person .

As you indicated, it has RWAL, so it DOES have ABS, contrary to what this poster suggested.

Original poster: Does the light come on when you drive or only on start up????
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The BRAKE light and the ABS light could be related or they could be on for totally different reasons. Your truck, (Mike, correct me if im wrong) has a single wheel speed sensor in the top of the rear end housing. I have replaced these before myself (on newer than 1995 trucks though). I think we need more info. You at least need to take Mikes suggestion and find out if there are any stored codes. If the ABS light is on then there is likely a code stored and you should start there FIRST!
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mike from nj
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you got it billy, that's the rwal sensor, and always check the connector for green fuzz too, seen a lot of that, usually the connector wire is about 1-2 feet long and the corrosion is at the other connector, right near the gas tank.

the stored fault code will steer you to the circuit you should be hunting down(original poster)

incidently, dodge and isuzu use the same exact (kelsey hayes) rwal system, same codes, same wire colors, same components, and same problems, yet nothing else on the cars are similiar. i can use the isuzu book whan i can't find the dodge book, i wonder how many other manufacturers use this system too, like i said, it's been out since the late 80's and is still the same system today.

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