spark knock?


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spark knock?

i have a 2000 nissan 4x4 crew cab with a 3.3L v-6, automatic. i hvae a pinging, rattling sound when the truck is under load. going up a slight incline, etc... It has 50,000 miles. I took it to dealer and the service rep immediately said it was spark knock. She said that i should try using a higher octane gas. the truck call for regular unleaded. i would think that older cars would be prone to something like spark knock. Is she just blowing me off so they don't ahve to take a closer look? This is all covered under warranty... Any advice? is spark knock harmful at all? It's really annoying, and i have noticed that my mileage is averaging 15, which seems low to me. Any ideas?

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my 2 cents

I would think the knock sensor might be at fault I would also switch brands of fuel Spark knock is not a good thing Knock sensors should be under warranty as emission control device.
Joe probbably has more info on this subject so lets see what he has to say.
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Give them two tankfuls.

1) Try another brand of 87 octane gas.
2) Try any brand of 89 gas.

If neither "fixes" the problem, go back to the dealer and say, "Ok, did what you said, no dice. How are we fixing my truck?" Let the games begin.

Multiple possibilities here, and Michael has hit one of them, but it's the dealer's issue, not yours.

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