frame straightening and body repair question


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frame straightening and body repair question

I bought an 88 mustang on fri. I was going to use it as a parts car. However, I found out that it is an ex-police car, which is an extremely sought after thing in the mustang world.

From the front wheels back, the car is in GREAT condition. The car was hit HARD in the drivers side corner, shoving the front clip from about after the front wheels down and to the right.

The rest of the car looks good. The wheels still track straight, the drivers door doesn't shut right, so the frame may be a little tweaked.

I know some here aren't too hot for these cars, but this is a fairly rare mustang, being a police coupe, and with a 5.0 and a 5 speed.

What I want to do is to get the frame repaired, either straightened or a new front clip welded on. I can remove the engine myself if need be, as well as do any other body work such as removing/putting on fenders hood etc, so all I want the body shop to do is repair the frame, and that is it.

What do you all think?? What about cost?? One shop quoted me $500-1500 or so just for the frame work.

I guess I am looking for peoples experience here. Here are the only pics I have as of yet.
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well, I figured I would update myself, I drove by a body shop on my lunch in my truck. This body shop is very repitable. They said give or take $560 for frame straightening, and if the front end needs to be replaced, around 28 hours labor.

Not too bad, I think I will go for it.
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Strip everything you want/need out of this police Mustang and pitch the carcass. Find another straight donor and plug it all in. Fox body stangs like this are as common as dog poo around here. I'll easily find 10 at the Englishtown swapmeet for instance. LOL. It's never going to be the same and when hit that hard, no real chance of getting it right.

That is why the first shop quoted you $1500. It's ALOT of work to get it straight again. SO MUCH can move when a unibody car is railed like that. There are a handful of guys in this country that can make that factory original again so you cannot tell.

Take your straight 'Stang and put all the police goodies in it. You'll be miles ahead, old friend.

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