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head liner

I have a couple of 12 year old vehicles and the head liners are sagging. Any suggestions short of taking the vehicles to an auto body shop?
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Cheap and dirty way: BG's way (not trying to be a smartass, it's true).

Right way: Take out the board, have a trim shop do it and put it back yourself. Don't say what type of vehicle, tough to tell you how hard it is.
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If your headliner is fiber board backed, the job is not that hard to do yourself.
The foam backed headliner material will cost you about $40 or so and is available in many colors at any automotive related trim shop or upholsterer.

Remove the headliner. Peel the old material off. Then use a wire brush to remove old foam backing. When completely clean, lay out new material over board. Peel back 1/3 to 1/2 and spray both the material and board with 3M Super77 spray glue. (available at any craft store) You will need two small cans or one big one.
Evenly press out material onto board and repeat with the other half of board. When completely covered, wrap over front, rear and side edges. Trim holes and re-install.
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i peeled mine completely out, then vacuumed all the padding out, now i don't even look up there to notice it's not sagging or missing. the repair would have equaled the value of that car.

be careful if you staple or use pins or regular thumbtacks, they usually end up falling out and murphy's law states: that it will fall right where you are about to sit---that's why i ripped it all out, i sat on a 3/8" staple!
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LOL. I get foam in my shorts everytime I drive my 1979 Trans Am. In the process of sourcing out the interior, LOL .
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Smile Tacks

I used tacks in an old Nova if you do it right it looks like tuck and roll .You can buy tacks diffrent colors and some are two tone.Get the spacing right and it looks good.
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you could also go to a fabric store and buy the marine seat cushion vinyl material and replace the original ugly crap (used on cars today) with the marine material and spray glue. the fabric store also has a cheaper non marine brand too and in many colors as well. the results look real nice. in my opinion a much better look than the original stuff. it is also cheaper too & you can even clean it! this is a real plus if you smoke like myself lol
not all fabric stores (in florida anyway) carry the extra wide. so, if you use this method, make sure the fabric shop has the ex wide for larger vehicles.

(i note the ex-wide for any picky picky here. not to imply that readers of the forum are
DUMB & won't measure first lol )

if you don't have the time for this, you can also go to auto-zone, pep-boys or other parts stores and buy headliner tacks that look like tiny cork screws.

have a great night all

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