ABS brake bleeding


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ABS brake bleeding

I have 1997 Nissan 4wd pickup. I want to bleed the brakes and was wondering if I have to do anything special because it has rear abs of can I just bleed them the regular way? Thanks
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What does your shop manual or autolibrary below have to say?
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Here is the procedure per Alldata:

Carefully monitor fluid level at master cylinder during bleeding operation.
If Master cylinder is suspected to have air inside bleed air from master cylinder first.
Fill reservoir with fresh "DOT 3" brake fluid. Make sure it is full at all times while bleeding air out of system.

1. Place container under master cylinder to avoid spillage of brake fluid.
2. For models with ABS, turn ignition switch "OFF" and disconnect ABS actuator connectors or battery ground cable.
3. Bleed air in the following order:
a. LSV, if equipped
b. Left rear brake
c. Right rear brake
d. Left front brake
e. Right front brake
f. ABS actuator

4. Connect a transparent vinyl tube to air bleeder valve. Place the other end in a clear container partially filled with fresh DOT 3 brake fluid.
5. Fully depress brake pedal several times.
6. With brake pedal depressed, open air bleeder to release trapped air.
7. Close air bleeder valve.
8. Release brake pedal slowly.
9. Repeat until all air is expelled and clear brake fluid comes out of air bleeder valve.
10. Torque air bleeder valve to 7-9Nm (61-78 in. lbs.)
Hope this helps ya,

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