'85 ford f250


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'85 ford f250

I was wondering how hard/expensive it is to change the tranny from a manual to an automatic. It has a 351 windsor, with a manual transmission. Is this something I can attempt on my own? Or should I have it done by a pro? If its done by a pro, how much (ballpark) would this cost if I bought the tranny and just had someone install it? BTW, it a 4 wheel drive.
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mike from nj
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what do you consider a 'hard job'

with common hand tools (and a jack to lift the trans) you could probably do this yourself

i've done MANY of transmissions on my back in the street even.

the best thing for you to do is scour over a few salvage yards until you find the drivetrain you want, then take every part, nut, bolt, bracket, throttle cable, flexplate, driveshafts, mounts, crossmembers, cooler lines, cooler line clips, cooler, radiator, shifter cable and parts that will make the job complete. then YOU will have the experience to do it, because you just did it once. now do it one more time to your own truck. the part i hate about this, is every time i go to the yard, i see 5 cars like mine in better shape than the one i drive everyday.

after you do the whole thing, you might want a reputable person/shop/garage to look over things to make sure the cable adjustment is just right.
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Why would you do this? Nothing wrong with a manual transmission in a truck. Actually, better for some reasons.

Leave it stock, leave it alone.

My .02.

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