95 ford escort lx 1.9


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95 ford escort lx 1.9

hi Joe, my waterpump siezed and timing belt jumped off, when it happened I stopped the car immediatly, so I got it repaired and the shop renewed the waterpump, timing belt, serpentine belt, and a bunch of other parts relating to this job, they also checked compression ect in case of engine damage, found no problems they said and did the job, which cost $800, when I went to pick up the car, they tell me the car is running good, now it feels vert tight, the engine, the gas pedal feels hard, I mean it takes quite a bit of effort to push down on it, and the performance sucks worse than ever, it feels like a tank now, but the keyword here is it feels really quite tight, maybe bent valve, can you give me the exact address of the gates rubber co, or tell me if the car is a valve bender, thanks?
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also meant to say, the emissions are ok, no smoke, mpg seems a little better, only driven it 100miles though.
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www.gates.com I believe.

Bring it back and make them get it right for you.
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I don't believe that is an interference engine. I have the same engine in a '93 wagon. Over the 125000 miles my wife has driven it, the serpentine belt has broken twice with no damage done. (It is a pain, however to replace the blasted belt, due to the lack of clearance under the hood. As for the stiff accelerator action, I wonder if in some of the work done the garage somehow kinked your accel. cable. That is the only thing that I can imagine that might cause hard gas pedal action.
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I just checked a Gates wall chart, not a valve bender.

Again, back to the shop to have them make it right.

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