Overheating on a 1995 windstar van


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Overheating on a 1995 windstar van

Our van is getting hot. What's strange is it doesn't always get hot (temp rises). My husband changed out the thermostat, and it got hot (sometimes not), he took the thermostat off and it got hot. But it doesn't always overheat. We can drive for miles and it runs at a normal temp., but then try it again and it's hot in a matter of seconds! He thinks the water pump is going out. What do you think? Due to financial limits he prefers to "do it himself", but this water pump is too close to the frame to get a wrench in to loosen the bolts. Is there a special way to change this thing out, or do we have to take it to a mechanic? Thanks for your advice.
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darrell McCoy
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How long has it been since cooling system has seen service. Before I jumped on the water pump, I would check operation of cooling fan. Are you losing any coolant???
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If this vehicle has a 3.8 liter engine, you are likely looking at a wasted head gasket.

Ford MAY give you some assistance. Determine that's what it is (a shop can tell you in a jiffy with a coolant analyzer or an emission analyzer), and then contact Ford to see what they will do.
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How many miles on your van?

I have a 98 windstar van and i have 60,000 miles on it and i have heard that this 3.8 engine is famous for headgasket problems. i asked the ford garage about this and they wouldn't really commit an answer to it. anyway i'm wondering what i have to look forward to.l good luck and let us know what happens.
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Yes, the 3.8 is a notorious gasket blower. Maybe the shop wants your business and won't comment on it? But it is widely known that this engine blows gaskets.
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Not likely to get a straight answer from a dealership on this dog; most people don't like to admit when their own product might be a p.o.s. Ask 3 or 4 independent garages and I'll wager you'll get an earfull.

You can get quite a bit of commentary on the subject if you search the archives here, also, as it is frequently adressed.

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