6 disc CD player - 2001 Pathfinder


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6 disc CD player - 2001 Pathfinder

We have a 2001 Pathfinder with a 6 disc CD Player. The player will not accept a CD - the door refuses to open and a message comes up that says ERR2. Anyone I speak to says something must be stuck inside the player - perhaps on disc 2. The radio works as well as the tape deck. Anyone have any idea about what might be wrong and how one might fix it. Have read the manual, but it doesn't seem to give any and I don't know much about cd players.
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A job for a reputable stereo shop. Sounds like you'll need to know the error codes for the stereo to know where to start.

Alternatively, the dealer may cover this under the factory warranty so try that.
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mike from nj
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if it's a fujitsu or fujitsu-ten radio, it's broke! i've replaced many, like about 50-60 of them, they are factory equipment on isuzus, no idea on nissan, but it sounds like the same problem.

at first, we were told it was the cd-rw discs were too thick, then certain cd-r discs were no good. finally they found out that people were loading the discs too fast, all new radios now have a sticker right on the front saying "wait for green flashing light to indicate unit is ready before loading"----problem solved! the loading procedure usually takes all of 5 seconds, but it was too long for people to wait i guess.

i know of no other way than sending the radio back to the manufacturer to be fixed/updated with the latest parts. i'm sure there are competent radio repair places out there, i wouldn't know how to identify one though. maybe call to your local dealer's parts department and see how much they charge for a radio exchange, not usually cheap though.

this is one reason you should have bought an extended warranty
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Great information from Mike!

I would make Nissan eat the repair though. 2001 vehicle, they should cover this problem for you at no charge.

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