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Question headlights

Does anyone have a diy procedure to aim headlights?
Sorry I didn't include the info on the vehicle. It is a 1995 Toyota, Tacoma pickup, extended cab. Adjustment needed as result of encounter with large dog.


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darrell McCoy
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Do a search on this forum or in google search engine, "headlight aiming"
there are several ideas on DIY headlite aiming, but you need to know which light is in specs to do this. Else you are just guessing. My idea is have it done properly by any shop that has aiming equip, that way you will be properly legal and with in specs.
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"Yea, that looks about right". That's the DIY procedure.

To do it correctly is as Darrell stated. There are probably a handful of people that do it this way in the world . LOL.
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I dont know about Ohio but here in NC we have to check headlight alignment when we do our state inspections. If you take it to a shop that does state inspections maybe they can check your alignment or at least tell you where you can get it done. Try calling some shops to see if they can do it.
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this is the DOITYOURSELF forum. So in the spirit of it. I would go to a place that has a really big flat empty wall at night. turn your lights on. slowly adjust them as fit until they are even and the same height. that should get you in functionality as well as most likely legal limits.
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mike from nj
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after aligning many a headlight, using the 'lights on the wall' method, i've found that when it is all good and straight, the headlight housings are now flush with the body again. this is only on later model cars/trucks with the 'aero' style headlights. the gaps around the housing are all even again, usually someone was messing around with it or one of the retaining springs broke behind it.

it sure would help to know what type of vehicle it is/was we're talking about. intrepids and vipers have a level built into the housing, all you need is a level ground anywhere and center the air bubble.
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How does your method make them properly aligned? They could be the same height and staring into your eyesight .

If the floor of where you are isn't straight, no chance of it being right.

There's no reason to adjust lamps unless there is damage or broken parts like Mike said.

I have seen (and I have) headlight aiming kits with long procedures on how to properly do them . That is why a lot of cars have built in levels now.

Original poster:

1) Why the need to adjust?
2) What type of vehicle?

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