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One more question about my 98 Century. If I switch the windshield wipers to high speed as I did the other day in the driving rain, the passenger side wiper seems to drag and then slams into the stopper near the hood. Like it is lagging behind the other one. THe drivers side works fine. Any Suggestions?
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Did you inspect the wiper arm to see if the serrations (grooves) on it are stripped and it's slipping?
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Put the wiper switch to off, so the wiper motor will park the blades, grab the passenger arm and move it down to where it ususally rests when they are parked. Tighten down the pivot nut, where the arm connects to the pivot. It might be under a plastic cap you'll need to pop off first. The serrations might be stripped, but they are not what ultimately hold that arm in place, it's the nut, which needs to be tight....
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On Centurys sometimes the arm gets worn out fast(when loose) and needs replaced.We replace alot in winter when people don't turn the wipers off when parking.

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