302-V8 Engines


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Question 302-V8 Engines

Okay, evryone's starting to want to take me to the local junkyard and hang me on a rusty tailpipe till I'm dead 'cause they're tired of my continuous questions in my pursuit of another used car, preferably a 1988-1991 Vic or Marquis...hey, stop throwing those tomatoes !!!................Anyway, I'l make tomato soup after you answer this question for me!!!
The vintages of Marquis and Vics I like have a 5.0 liter engine....right??? So that got me to wondering, what about the 1992-1994s ? I think they have something like a 4.8(?) engine....do these engines stand up as good as the 5.0's do ? Or should I avoid these years?
PS-I tried out a 1989 Marquis today-in beautiful cosmetic condition with only 89,000 actual miles and everything worked....HOWEVER!!!!!.....it had been sitting up for at least a year but I'd bet it was more like 2 years. As I drove her down the road, the longer I drove her, the rougher she seemed to run...no get up and go at all and she shuddered some. There was a vacuum, because when I accelerated , the air would kinda shut down for a few seconds and then it would kick back on when I leveled out to a constant speed. I can't figure out why the used car dealer let the car sit there for all this time without keeping the car up to par !! He had the tranny rebuilt 7 months ago (has the receipt) and the mileage is very close to what it was in 2001 (I checked with Carfax). It's not like this dude has a major dealership! He does concentrate on selling mostly the newer used cars, but this car would've been easy to sell if he'd done right by it!!! It just doesn't make sense to me. He offered to have the car checked out to see why it was running roughly and then call me back when he'd had it repaired. I said "No Thanks". Isn't it just as harmful to a car to sit around that long? I'd imagine that moisture may've built up in it, but I don't know...maybe it was just a bad plug or plug wire making it run badly. It never went dead. I'd enjoy hearing anyone's thoughts on this and of course, my question about the 5.0 vs. the 4.8(?) liter. Thanks !
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You can literally trip over those era Grand Marquis, they are so common. Keep looking. That one sounds like trouble.

The 4.6 used in the later GM models is pure junk. Burns oil, knocks, leaks, lots of problems. A 5.0 is far superior in every way for durability if we are talking FOMOCO products here.
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Thumbs up Most Defintely !!!

No way would I have bought that car !!!
I'm biding my time !!! Thanks for all the great advice, Joe !!!
And no GM or Vic newer than a 1991 for me !!!
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I would say the 4.6 is just as good as the 5.0 if not better and sure they will burn oil when they get alot of miles on them but so will alot of engines.

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