Dodge D-150 318


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Dodge D-150 318

I have a 1984 Dodge D-150 with a 318 A/T. The problem being it starting to use alot of gas. I have gave it a complete tune-up plugs. wires. distrubuter cap and knob, crankcase venterlator, PCV, air filter. Runs good but I can tell it is using more gas then usual. I would like to know what else I could do someone mentioned the oxygen sensor, this truck has a carb with no computer I know of. Would it have a oxygen sensor if so would this cause the problem. Also if it has one where would it be located. If anyone has any other suggestions let me know.
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You should be able to look at the exhaust manifold to see if there's an O2 sensor.

It is possible to have a carb and an O2 sensor. It would be considered a 'feedback carb' and the idle jet screws are replaced by electric solenoids... controlled by the computer using a signal from the O2 sensor.

You could also have a choke that doesn't open fully. I found it amazingly easy to "rebuild" the carb in my '87 caravan. Don't rule that out because it might be too hard. It's basically a thorough cleaning and replacement of some wear parts.
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Jason is correct.

The Carter or Holley used on this model is a piss poor leaker, staller and fuel sucker, so start here.
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My father had one of these trucks as well. It was a great runner with no sign of any problems but it started to consume massive amounts of gas in the end the carb although appearing in all aspects to run normal was really sucking away the gas. check the carb.
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Dodge started using 02 sensors in these trucks in 87, if your running a Holley 2280 on this first thing to do is check the choke. Make sure it's fully closed when warm. Also vacuum leaks at the carb will make it suck gas. If you're warm and the choke sticks open a little you'll just be sucking huge amounts of gas through the carb that will never be burned. Check all linkagages for proper function.
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before you jump and rebuild the carb because everybody told you it's bad, check the obvious things first. there's no computer or oxygen sensor near your truck so don't bother looking for them.

the choke should be fully OPEN when it's warmed up, check the timing with a timing light, even a tight distributor will gradually slip back and backed off timing will consume more gas. if it's a 4X4, make sure the front hubs aren't locked on, this will kill gas mileage. make sure no brakes are dragging, no frozen e-brake cables, tires are fully inflated. make sure the trans is shifting into third gear too, (seen that happen).

didn't you just buy this things, not too long ago?

gas mileage is directly affected by your right foot, the more you 'race' people or speed excessively or haul heavy loads will determine your fuel mileage---in a huge way!

if the truck idles rough, there are many things to check, the carb would be one of them BEFORE you have it rebuilt

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