I'm Curious, Joe.......


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Lightbulb I'm Curious, Joe.......

I got to thinking (scary, isn't it ???).....what kind of vehicle do YOU drive ? What's the vintage ?? Tee Hee !!!
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1989 Cavalier 2.0
1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 5.0 liter
1982 Oldsmobile Toronado 5.0 liter
1980 Turbo Trans Am 301
1989 Turbo (was) Trans Am, now a 1977 Pontiac 400.
1979 10th Anniversary 400 4 speed Trans Am.
1993 Saturn SL2 (my mother's car).
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So then, I'm wondering...

Would you recommend any of these cars to someone that is "mechanically-challenged", such as myself ???
I do some ebay stuff and a lady that bought some postcards from me said that her 1995 Saturn has been a great car and has high miles, so since your Mom has a 1993 Saturn, does this mean that you are pro-Saturn ?
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Different ball game for me. I have access to the tools, parts, knowledge, support, procedures for just about anything. I suppose if I were inclined to, a Yugo would work for me. LOL.

What I'm stating is that many folks don't have this liberty or resources. If my Oldsmobile doesn't start one morning, I jump in the Cavalier till such time as I fix the Oldsmobile. Always an extra car in this house.

As for the Saturn, it has been OK. A lot of annoyance problems with it, but again, I'm equipped to handle it. Probably worse off for someone that doesn't do their own work.

My friend who does my state inspections always said to me, "When someone asks me what they can get for $1000 bucks that's pretty bulletproof, I point them to a car like your Delta 88. Not pretty to look at perhaps, and outdated, but reliable and forgiving, and cheap to fix".

I'd agree on that.

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