First Day of School

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First Day of School

OK, after putting it off for way too long, I've finally decided to enroll in a basic auto repair course at the local community college. My first (of 10) classes is called "Overview of Basic Automotive Systems."

Any advice for my first day?
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Just listen .
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I would make it clear to the instructor what you want to learn.....
for example: how to jump start a car, how to change a flat,etc
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Well, you've already learned the most important thing - when in doubt ask advice. Always good to see people who are actually interested in knowing a little bit about what makes a car tick. Amazing how many people know nothing beyond where the gas goes.

True story: About 3 weeks ago I went to get a Ford Explorer in a parking lot by a business. The owner had the key inside. As the vehicle was nose in and my wheel lift is fully hydraulic, I swung around, dropped the wheel lift under the rear wheels, and picked it up. I dropped the wrecker into drive and went to pull forward a few inches away from the parking curb. Wouldn't budge. First thought; 4-wheel drive? Got out and checked; yep, got drive axles up front. Got in to put it in 2 wheel mode; oops, no provision - this baby is full-time all-wheel drive (can't remember seeing one before, not very popular I would assume). Went in and told the owner I would have to call for the flatbed because it was all wheel drive and couldn't be wheellifted.

Owner: "It's what???"
Tow-Guy: "All-wheel drive; that means all four wheels turn all the time"
Owner: "It is? They do? I didn't know THAT.

She had had the vehicle about 3 months and had no clue whatsoever that her vehicle was four wheel drive, much less an all-wheel drive version.

Post back on how you like the class; maybe you'll inspire others.
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Thumbs up

I agree with Joe, just listen. General Auto is truly fascinating! I discovered that I didn't have to take too many notes. Just listening made all of what they were saying make so much sense.

If you don't understand something or how it works, then ask in class. And, please keep us posted. Maybe you'll inspire me to return and finish my education!

Congratulations on taking the first steps to achieve a personal goal! If you don't plan to do anything with the education professionally then thats fine, too. I never worked professionally as a mechanic, but it has made me aware of my own vehicles (as tow_guy pointed out in his post about knowing what you've got) and a better consumer. Not to mention that it has saved me a LOT of money.

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Thanks, I'll be sure to post occasionally (though, my classes won't start until January).

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