ford ranger or chev. s-10?


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Question ford ranger or chev. s-10?

im looking for a truck for my 16 yr old son. talking to people they tell me to shy away from the ranger. upon looking i have notice that there are a whole lot more rangers for sale than s-10,is there a reason for this or just because they sold more rangers. if you were buying one is there that much diffrence,or what would be recommended?
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You'll get varied opinions here, so I'll give mine.

S10 all the way. There's a reason GM is the worlds #1 car maker .
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s10 vs Ranger

There is a reason more Rangers are for sale

Stick with a GM product. I have the GMC Sonoma and am quite pleased with its performance and reliability. 4 cyl 5 spd but it carries a decent payload when needed. The ranger my brother has dogs like crazy when loaded.

My 2 cents worth

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Yep get an S-10 or Sonoma either one, no Mazda's "or" I mean rangers for me.
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my 2 cents

I would get a Toyota but if you must get a S-10
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Unfortunately I must disagree with you guys on the S-10. No doubt I am a Chevy man through and through. As can be deduced by my nickname. However 2 years ago I was looking at buying a small truck for myself. I looked at every small truck available on the new car market and weighed the pros and cons of them all. The S-10/S-15 GM's had the poorest safety ratings of them all. Now for reliability I see very few Chevys come in the shop for repair. I do see alot of Rangers in for such things as EGR problems and just general emission problems. I had my mind set on one of 2 vehicles. I actually requested a quote for a Toyota Tacoma, but the slow response led me to my second choice and that is my current daily driver, A 2001 Mazda B3000. Yes it is a Ranger in disquise, but it has almost 50k miles on it in just over 2 years and I have only had 1 drivability issue with it. The IAC went out. Covered under warranty and I was back on the road in half a day. It has been a very reliable vehicle and I am pleased with my choice. I personally dont feel very confident in the 2.2's, 2.5's (older S-10s) and the 2.8 V6 engines in these vehicles. The 4.3 V6 is a little better. It is a ballsy little engine when in good shape and well taken care of. But I am still not very impressed with them. Give me 8 cylinders of GM power any day and I will be a happy fellow. Now dont get me wrong my Mazda is not a power house by any stretch, but it is a good all around dependable little truck.
I am a little biased about American cars so that kinda helped my decision to buy the Ford in disguise. It might say Mazda on it but it was built here in the USA and in a Ford factory.
My Opinion,

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