mercedes know fuel


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mercedes know fuel

ok i have a 1983 380sl and i don't have any fuel getting to the carb. i have know fire at the fuel pump with the switch on. i was reading something about a relay but i can not find it can anyone help.
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For starters if the car is original you do not have a carb. This vehicle is fuel injected. There is a fuel distributor that "distributes" fuel to the injectors. The distributor is that big spider looking thing just behind the throttle body. If you suspect you are not getting fuel there is an easy way to check. Take a flare wrench, I think a 12mm, and break open one of the fuel lines from the distributor to the injectors then crank it over briefly. If you get fuel spray from this line then you have an issue in either the distributor itself or in the injectors. If you dont have fuel from the line then you should check the lines and fuel filter first, then the fuel pump itself. Be sure you have fuel in the tank or none of these tests are going to net you and positive results. Please post back and let me know what you have come up with.

The fuel pump relay is behind the glove compartment.
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I agree. Watch your eyes as this is fairly high pressure FI. No carb on this model Benz.
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mercedes know fuel

thanks a lot and you are right there is not a carb but there is a big round butterfly that opens like a carb and i can pour fuel in there and the car will start . i'll try that and let you know thanks.

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