Sound system problem. Dealer can't fix.


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Sound system problem. Dealer can't fix.

I am at my wits end over a problem with the sound system in my `02 Mustang GT.
I bought the car new from the dealer and drove it for 3 months with no problem.
Then I camplained about the carpeting folding over onto the gas petal and they happily replaced it.

Ever since then, I have had an intermittant problem with the sound system amp picking up heavy static from everything electronic.
Plugs, injectors, fuel pump. I can even hear the locking torque converter working in my CD player or radio.

Now it took me months to figure out what makes this do this.
I took it to the Ford dealer twice and they said that they could not make the thing do it. Then I finally realized that it is radical movement in the driver's seat that causes the problem to manifest itself.
If I lean back in the seat to get my wallet out at a drive through, it will most times do this but only sometimes does it stay doing it when I lean forward again.
Having discovered this, I drove into the Ford garage and made the service advisor there hear the noise through the open passenger window. He called the mechanic over but when I moved in the seat, it stopped doing it again.
They immediately gave me a rental car and had my car for TWO WEEKS and could not figure out what is happening. They claim they even had a Ford engineer look at it.

The thing is, now I'm getting mad because they have this additude that if it is not a drivability problem it is no big deal.

Personally, I think the car sat for most of those two weeks because they only know how to change parts and not diagnose anything. Furthermore, the car did not do this until they ripped the whole interior out of it to replace the carpet.

What should I do?
Should I take it to another dealer?
Should I get a rep involved?
Should I park it in a bad neighborhood with the keys in it?

The Mach 460 sound system is an expensive option and at the very least, if Ford can't make it work right I think I should be reimbursed for it, so I can go get one that works.

What do you guys think?
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I'd be asking for a new Mustang if it takes them four times and they can't get it right.

Who knows what kind of static you are causing for other people if there's interference like that? Could be screwing up a police scanner for all we know (not your fault).

I would be pissed too if I spend money on the Mustang and all it turned out to be was bad glue and horsemeat .

Tell them:

1) You want a field rep from Ford down here.
2) If they are going to "change parts", change everything in the stereo system until they get it right. Everything from the radio to the harness. Let them foot the bill and deal with Ford.
3) Call up Ford's 800 # and complain. Tell them what the problem is and that you are not happy. Be persistent.
4) Lastly, tell them if they can't figure it out, they need to eat the car and get you another one that was made right that particular day

Unforunately, sounds like another "Quality Ain't Job 1" deal from the guys at FOMOCO.

Don't accept it, get it right. It's a pretty nice car and deserves to be right. You paid for it.
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I would say it it a loose/disconnected connection, most likely the ground. It is probalby not by the seat, but the seat is a very good movable antena. I would look at all of the ground connections they disconnected when they changed the carpet, perhaps they tightened the ground over the carpet. Since you can hear it all the time (either radio or CD playing) it has to be a power issue, and ground is a lot more likely to cause noise then anything else.
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Unhappy camper

I can see you are an unhappy camper I would be to. Since the problem started after they put the new carpet in I would think a pinched wire by the seat and when you lean on it just right you get static.
I would not let up on Ford till they fix it. You paid good money and you deserve a nice car were everything works be it a convenience item or a drivability item.Make sure that they know it started when they replaced your carpet it might give them a clue.Good Luck with them.

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