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Question Heater/AC Fan

I have a 99 Dodge Intrepid and my heater/AC fan will only work in the high position. I replaced the heater control assembly, but that did not solve the problem. Any ideas?
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Ya, the control head isn't the problem, the blower motor resistor likely is. Common problem on Chrysler.

Loss of low speeds like that is a failed blower resistor. Hit the Chrysler dealer, get a resistor and then ask them for the location. Two screws and you should be back in business. Let us know what you find.
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Question heater/ac problem

i have a94 intrepid the blower only blows heat out the head on it works every once and awhile but then it quits working but the blower is always on unless i take the fuss out any suggestions it is a ES 3.5 liter FOUR DOOR
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mike from nj
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if it is all digital and with temperature control in degrees, it sounds like the control head(94 intrepid), take it out and verify proper power supply and ground, the module is also the face plate and switches, one part controls everything.

for the 99 intrepid, and if you have ATC, (auto temp control---1 knob) the only blower resister you will find is the new one in your hand, as there is none in the car. if you have three control knobs, you have manual temp control.

atc has a power module, which is pulse width modulated from the computer. mtc has the above described blower motor resistor. both of which are located in (of all places) the same place for atc and mtc, roughly above the passengers left foot, take down the small shield/combined duct and it will be right there for either set-up.

rare for one of these to go bad, look at it closely when you take it out, i'd also check continuity of all the terminals of the resistor with an ohmmeter. for a power module, about all you can do is sniff it, it's computer controlled elsewhere, all it is is a large switching transistor and in the air stream to keep it cool, make sure nothing is stuck on it(like leaves) which will cause it to go bad again

let us know what you find---either person

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