Buying A Ford 5.0 Car. Any condition, Worse=Better


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Buying A Ford 5.0 Car. Any condition, Worse=Better

I'm trying to buy a car from the Ford family, of Mercury, Lincoln, or Ford itself that has a fuel inject 5.0 engine in it. I am going to switch the engine over into my 67 mustang. I have a budget of about $500 to work with to buy the cheapest physical condition car with a good engine and radiator/fans. I have a list of cars that I can use. If you have any of these that you'd be willing to part with for at or under $500 please email me @ [email protected] Here is the list of cars that I am looking for, I am only looking for one of the following.

86-95 Mustang with 5.0 EFI
96-01 Mustang with 4.6
86-91 Country Squire Wagon with 5.0
86-91 Crown Victoria with 5.0
86 LTD with 5.0
86-93 Thunderbird with 5.0
86-96 Bronco with 5.0
86-96 E150-E350 Vans with 5.0
86-96 F150-F350 Trucks with 5.0

86-87 lincoln any kind
88-90 any mark vii or towncar
91-92 mark vii
91-92 towncar with 5.0 not 4.6

86 Capri with 5.0
86-88, 91-96 Cougar with 5.0
86-91 Grand Marquis With 5.0
86 Marquis With with 5.0 and SFI not High Swirl
97-01 Mountaineer with 5.0

Once again thank you. Also any suggestions on what I might need to make this conversion work are also welcome.
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mike from nj
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whatever you do, get a complete and running car, one that you can hear with your own ears and drive with your own feet. you will need every part, bracket, line, gas tank, nut and bolt for the conversion.

86 mustangs weren't H.O. if i remember correctly, lower compression pistons/restrictive heads and maybe not even a roller cam, don't quote me on that last one.

if you plan on upgrading anything seriously in the future, like a turbo or supercharger, you will need to find a car with 'mass air' this will save you the expense of converting from speed-density to mass air in the future, mustangs started this in maybe 91.

things to consider

have you checked ebay?
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$500 for the vehicle or project? $500 will go VERY quickly on an endeavor like this, you can ask any customer we did a 305/350 conversion for on a G-body. Inevitably, everything pops up as being needed and you get nickeled and dimed for everything. Save a bit more money.

As much as I recall: 1986 Mustangs came two ways: M/T cars were 4 barrel Holley 4180 4 barrel leakers/stallers/etc, and the AT cars were MFI Bosch injection.

1987 went to all FI across the Mustang line. Some of the 1986 cars you're quoting are throttle body fuel injected as I recall---not much more than a graduated carburetor, so you won't gain much there.

The '86 Mustang with the AT and MFI, is far superior, but it's nice to row your own gears . I wouldn't have it any other way. Too bad Ford used a terrible carburetor on that .

Stick with a Mustang (or Mark Series HO) motor because in this fashion you will get the HIPO goodies with it. Ebay is littered with 5.0 FOMOCO stuff, as Mike said, that's the place to start.

Also look through online trader magazines like the Want Ad Press, Excite Classifieds, Yahoo and others, and you'll find something. Cruise through various FOMOCO groups on the net and you'll find someone that has done this before. In that fashion, they've done the homework and your life will be easier .

Stay away from the 4.6. It will be impossible to hook up to this Mustang without a lot of computer detuning and will leave you with a smoking nightmare somewhere down the line. The 302 is far superior and more durable as well as moddable from the "home mechanic" perspective.

My vehicle would have the original era V8 engine, but that's just me .
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I would look around for an 86-93 Lincoln LSC. They have the good 5.0 HO and can be had for a song and a dance if the air bag suspension has gone south.
I had an 87 LSC that was the best car I ever owned. I traded it in with 180,000 miles on it and it still ran strong. Can't say the same for the suspension tho...
You might even be able to use the disc brake rear axle off of this car.

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