Someone Help Me Please


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Someone Help Me Please

I have a 99 Ford Explorer Sport 4x4 with 69000 miles on it. My situation is this past weekend a few buddies and I went to a bar. One of my friends so happens to get drunk and vomit inside my car. Luckly I have leather interior but it really got messy on the floor. Anyway, the next day my friend (that vomited) came to clean the mess he did. I gave him some detergent to clean the carpet but it so happens that my wife put bleach inside the bottle. So you can imagine what happens next. My capert has spots over. So my question is, how can i put the carpet to it's original color (grey) or is it not possible? Will dye work? Can someone please help!!!
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darrell McCoy
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Needs replaced. Might check with ins. co on that. Else ask your puking buddy to fork over a little green.
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Carpet's wasted. Time for a new one. Ford probably still has this available, but it's probably a mint.
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They sell paint for this...actually, if you go buy an interior part from Ford(for Fox Mustangs at least), they hand you a generic colored item and offer the can of paint.

My buddy painted his whole interior from light tan to black, looked OEM.
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Just FYI ... I had a XL model F150 which had no carpet just vinyl floor a few years ago and I called dealer they wanted $300 for carpet i called around and found a few local upholstery shops and they had aftermarket kits for 1/2 the price....might check other than dealership..
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mike from nj
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you would be getting what you paid for there. i've never heard anything good about ACC carpets. do some research before you save $100 dollars.

i like the dye idea
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As already mentioned, auto parts stores sell spray paint cans of 'fabric paint'. I've heard that stuff really works.
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You really can't "paint" a carpet, you have to dye it to properly hold the color.

You won't be happy with the results. Get a new carpet.

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