clogged heat/ac ducts


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clogged heat/ac ducts

Hope someone can help. Blower motor went out on my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's located under the dash on the passenger side. When my husband took out the old one we discovered that a mouse had made a nest in it. He tested it, but it was locked up. He put the new one in after testing it ( worked great)but when we turned it on after installation, very little air coming out of the vents.We are pretty sure there is a blockage somewhere in the ducts from the mouse but can't clear it. We tried various approaches for 3 hours, still very little air blowing from vents.There must be more mouse nesting material blocking the ducts that we can't reach. Is there any way to take the plastic cover off the area where the heater core is? It is right next to the spot where the fan sits. We figured if we could get to that part we could access the ducts and clear out the clog. Maybe someone knows of a different approach. Any ideas would be great. Thanks in advance.
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try this

Get a shop vac and put it on blow mode then try blowing back in to the duct you might have to take blower moter out again to retrive stuff that comes out.Use duct tape to cover up ducts you are not blowing into to prevent pressure loss out of them.It might work.
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darrell McCoy
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Michael gave you some good advice. All else fails, check the fresh air intake also and maybe you will have to resort to an air compressor, blow into vent on floor. Dont ya hate those meeces to peeces.
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mike from nj
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a shop vac will work, as will compressed air into the hole where the motor is, stuff will shoot out of all the vents---watch your eyes.

my personal opinion---i don't want to be breathing all the remnants of a nest everytime the fan is on. on my car, i'd take the whole box out and lysol or bleach everything inside it. i've seen brand new cars come off the transporter with the evaporator and heater core completely clogged solid with nest stuff (droppings too) and no amount of short cuts will get everything out, if you have no air out of the vents and the fan is working, something is blocked somewhere.

sorry to say, but it is also a very big job. if you're still convinced you want to do it, have a shop recover the freon, then you do all the hard stuff, dash out partially, box out completely, dissassemble and sanitize, reassemble it all, then have the shop recharge your freon. it will take the better part of a weekend

let us know what you find
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I agree. God knows what's in there, so make sure you get it all out. I would go the dismantle route to make sure you DO get it all out.

Thank goodness no such problems in NYC. LOL
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if you can find the blower motor resistor, remove that and u will be able to access the evaporater housing somewhat....

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