99 Durango antilock brakes


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99 Durango antilock brakes

Hi, I have a 99 Dodge Durango. 318 auto 2wd. after shutting the truck off last night and starting it the next morning the abs light and the brake light came on and stayed on. The dealer tells me the antilock brake system is not a warranty item any clues as what could be causeing this. My brakes seem to be fine although the antilock doesn't seem to be working. thanks
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well check your fluid level in the master cylinder to ensure it is full. if low it should be checked for leaks. short of that it really needs to go to a shop for diagnosis of the abs system, you also might check with another dealer if its still under warranty as i believe alot of brake components should be covered, normal wear items are usually not. if its an extended warranty agreement, it may not be covered as they can vary alot.
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If you have the 7/70 warranty then the ABS portion of the brakes is most likely covered. If you dont have at least a basic extended warranty then this may be why you arent covered. Get it diagnosed immediately. If the ABS light is on then there is a malfunction in the ABS system. Dont gamble with brakes. This could be for something as simple as a sensor or it could be something much more involved, either way you should not hesitate getting it checked out.
Hope this helps ya,
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a 2wd durango, i haven't seen one yet, i heard of them in florida, but never in ohio, how is it in the snow?

see if you can get someone to retrieve the code(s) and post them, exactly as you write them down, here.

basic 3/36 covers abs, powertrain doesn't. if you purchased 'max care' extended warranty, you'd be in your free rental right now and the dealer would be fixing it at no charge to you. everyone i know has extended warranty, and it was only a few dollars more to the monthly payments, like $8-25 depending on the plan chosen.

ahhhh hindsight!
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yes, (bj) also make sure the fluid is topped off and the brake lights work too, both will trip a dash light.
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Also, a GOOD shop should be able to find and correct the problem for you. As noted, fix it without delay.

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