Governor for the transmission


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Governor for the transmission

I own a 97 jeep grand cheroke. The governor is not putting out the pressure it needs so the transmission will not start in the lower gears. I want to repair this myself, are there any sites that can give me some diagrams to follow with some easy to read instructions?
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first you should have codes read to make sure that you dont have a bad sensor. which can cause similiar problems.
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mike from nj
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i'm pretty sure you don't have a governor, not a mechanical one anyway. usually it's a sensor inside the trans pan---if that's the actual problem.

look on the trans case, near the neutral safety switch(driver's side), from there go 2 inches back and 2 inches up, there is a connector going down into the trans case, is there 3 wires or like 6-8 wires in the connector, you'll need a flashlight for this. then is there another sensor on the part of the trans between the actual trans pan and the transfer case, and how many wires in that connector.

checking stored fault codes would make things a lot easier (and cheaper) than guessing, also they (the code reader) might ID the trans for you, i'm pretty sure it's a 44RE, would make things even simpler
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I agree with Mike. What lead you to this conclusion? How was it checked? What tools do you have available to you? Service literature?

Guessing here will be very cost prohibitive, so don't .

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