1998 GMC Yukon - Rear-end problem


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1998 GMC Yukon - Rear-end problem

I bought a 1998 GMC Yukon a little over 2 years ago used from a dealership. It has a 5.7 Liter Vortec V8 engine with an automatic transmission. It was in excellent condition when I bought it, but about a year ago I started to hear a noise coming from the rear-end of the truck when I would pull away from a stop or when I would come to a complete stop. The noise sounds like a bang like a gear in the rear-end is skipping before it catches when it is suppose to. I had brought it to a mechanic when the sound first started, but he said that it was just normal play in the rear-end and that there was nothing he could do. I think the noise is being caused by either a loose rear universal joint or by something inside the actual rear-end of the truck. The noise also sounds like a squeaking noise from metal to metal contact. So I also think it could be the rear axel sliding along the leaf springs. I really doubt it is sliding on the leaf springs because I got under the truck and looked at the leaf springs and I did not see any evidence that the U-bolts holding the axel on the leaf springs had moved, but I guess anything is possible. The noise occurs when I pull away from a stop and when I come to a complete stop. The noise also occurs once in a while when I drive over rough pavement. So I guess it could also be a suspension problem. I have never been off-roading with this truck. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with this problem.
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Check alldata.com for any relevant bulletins that may match this problem, and also I'd have another shop make a go at it.
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gm trucks have a slip/stick condition in the front driveshaft yoke where it enters the transfer case. When coming to a stop, the rear axle winds down, and then back up after stopping. the length of the drive shaft needs to be able to change smoothly. if the slip joint in the drive shaft front yoke is binding, which they all do, they will produce this symptom. the fix is to take the driveshaft out, and we use a parafin based grease to lube the splines with. Talk to a gm shop, the y should know about this if u ask them.
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Had the same thing going on on a 96 tahoe, not too hard a project.

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