possible ignition switch


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possible ignition switch

I have an 86 Ford F150. Yes I know I need a newer vehichle but for now it is not an option. I have problems with the key sticking when I try to remove it. Also it is not always necessary to use the key to start it. Just turn the switch and it will start. Anyway, today it would not start even though the radio and lights work. I replaced a cable the other day and it has been working fine. I tried to jump it and there was no difference. If it is a switch, how difficult are those to replace? Is it something I can do myself?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
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try jumping the starter soolenoid from the pos cable side to the small terminal to see if it now cranks over if so could be bad ignition switch or nuetral safety or even a broken actuator rod in column. if it still doesnt crank over try tapping on the starter to see if it makes any difference and check you neg. and pos cables.
sounds like you do need a new key and tumbler to fix the key sticking and starting without a key.
try the link below for more information.
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Agree with BeJay.
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Buy a replacement key lock, (not ignition switch) and install it yourself in the steering column. Clearly your key lock is shot and will no longer extend into the 'start' postion. Any auto parts store will have it for $10 or $20 bucks. Easy to swap out.

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